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Strong in interdisciplinary teams.

formfoundation has grown organically in the truest sense of the word. Many members of our team have been working together for a long time and have weathered many trade fair storms and met many deadlines together. We regard ourselves as a new generation of trade fair construction company that is flexible, resource-conserving and with a high output. Every day, we aspire to generate creative and conceptual thinking at a high level across industry barriers.

As the devil only too often lies in the details, the formfoundation team is made up of many alert eyes, creative and imaginative brains, designers, architects authorised to present construction documents as well as analytical and solution-orientated thinking engineers. With us, your clients will always have friendly contact persons for all queries regarding technical implementation.

We work throughout the entire DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and speak German, English, French, Bulgarian, Italian and Spanish.

From the first client contact to design and production control and subcontractor instructions in assembly and disassembly, our working style is interconnected and interdisciplinary. We care particularly about having a fair, collaborative partnership with our clients.


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We are living in a world of finite resources. That’s why recyclability and being environmentally friendly when selecting materials are important criteria for us; in our opinion they are not taken into consideration enough in trade fair construction.

We aim to use only environmentally neutral materials (e.g. water-based varnishes) or materials that have been produced taking ecological issues into consideration. Ideally, we work with materials that are made from renewable raw resources, are durable or have a second use.

As a responsible and sustainably operating company, we significantly contribute to the eco-balance of our clients. Reducing our own ecological footprint at the same time.

  • Operating in a responsible and ecologically sustainable way
  • Selecting environmentally friendly material with a view to reusability
  • Environmentally neutral materials (e.g. water-based varnishes)
  • Using material produced according to ecological sustainability, e.g. renewable raw materials
  • Minimising our ecological footprint

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