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Trade fair construction and shop fitting design

How unconventional can it be?

The aim of formfoundation is always to implement your individual wishes and requirements in our planning in the best possible way.

Our experience enables us to do this quickly: Thanks to the clever choice of modular systems and – according to requirements – the supplementing of individual elements, we are also able to realise high-quality trade-fair stands and presentations for last-minute clients.

This is how we do it: After you have communicated your request and your requirements to us, we find out what you want in a joint analysis and consultation process and develop a clear briefing for the formfoundation team and for cost calculation.

On the basis of this briefing and the cost calculation, our designers and architects design your individual trade-fair stand, the design concept for whole trade fairs, merchandise fixtures or your new shop design.


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Individual trade-fair construction


Individual trade-fair construction

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Individual trade-fair construction

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If you have ever walked through a trade fair hall with large, individually constructed stands, or consciously taken in the interior of shops and hotels, you will know that the variety of materials and forms used is unbelievably huge.

The possibilities for processing wood materials and acrylic, the printing of all kinds of materials, numerous fabrics and lighting options and not least the surface treatment with colours and varnishes, have continually increased over the last 20 years. Sub-constructions, semi-structures or complete trade-fair stands can be built using the most varied trade fair construction systems and great flexibility. The range is supplemented by attractive rental furniture, from reception counters to lounge furnishings with sofas and tables of well-known designer brands.

These are the key points to bear in mind when designing: the economic and communicative objectives of the clients, their corporate design or at least the recognition factor of their brand, the target groups and their requirements as well as – of course – their budget.

Regarding the final point, it is particularly important that the draft design and all elements can actually be smoothly implemented on site. Every project can bring surprises. With creative vision, planning care and many years of implementation experience, the formfoundation team can steer even challenging projects safely to success.