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Modular construction systems reduce building times and costs

Containers and temporary spaces as urban architecture solutions

Temporary buildings, architecture containers, nomad homes, flying homes: Containers – module construction is a modern and convincing solution for meeting the most varied space requirements quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively.

The unconventional use of material offers the possibility, even with minimal investment, to implement breath-taking designs. Give space to your individuality and create something extraordinary rather than something ordinary.

formfoundation offers you space solutions for your individual requirements. Whether you want to build a residential house, a temporary relocation of your business premises, expand your premises flexibly, be well placed for mobile exhibitions and road-shows, require mobile meeting rooms or simply want to place your offices in an urban-creative environment. Our solutions in sea-freight containers and conventional prefabricated container modules can be extended at any time, are exchangeable and changeable. We look forward to giving your ideas a form.


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Architecture follows new paths because our buildings should be individual, just like the people who live in them. We give expression to our attitude towards life by also implementing our ideas within tight budgets.

Container construction is an alternative approach; it reflects our need to use resources sparingly in a sustainable way. It gives us the possibility to implement unusual projects in a flexible and stylish way when the budget is limited.